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                    Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Excellence Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
                    The current position:Home > Product > Gantry CNC cutting machine
                    • ZYNC-Gantry Flame/Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

                    ZYNC-Gantry Flame/Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

                    Detailed instructions:

                    Video display

                    Detail image

                    Cutting torch autoignition and plasma 

                     The drive gear and rack gear achieve seamless elasticity transmission

                    Product description

                    Zhuoyue gantry/plasma CNC cutting machine: Lathe bed is designed as wide-body low center of gravity gantry structure. All steel structures are eliminated internal stress to ensure factory accuracy for a long time. It equips with imported servo motor, driver and planetary gear. Drive gear and rack have realized elastic meshing transmission without gap. It carries out a bilateral symmetric drive mode which makes the complete machine running stably. Workpiece cutting precision is very high. Cutting torch orientation and reset accuracy can match with the standard of JB/T5102-99. Workpiece cutting size precision and quality can both match with Class A and Class I of global standard of JB/T10045.3-1999. Selecting advanced computer numerical control system with perfect function and easy to operate.

                    Product advantages

                    ?The variants of operation system such like Hyperthem, Thermadye, SJTU, Startfire could be optional for customers.

                    ?The machine can match with all kinds of plasma powers.

                    ?Track gap and distance are optional.

                    ?The numbers of cutting torch could be optional.

                    ?Auxiliary device like powder line marking, infra-red positioning as well many other special features and configuration can be featured as per customer's requirements.Free door-to-door service within warranty period and lifetime parts supply

                    ?High cost-performance ratio.

                    Technical Parameters



                    Rail space


                    Rail length


                    Effective cutting width


                    Effective cutting length


                    Quantity of flame cutting torch



                    Flame cutting thickness


                    Flame cutting speed


                    Plasma cutting torch numbers



                    Plasma cutting thickness


                    Plasma cutting thickness determined by plasma machine

                    Plasma cutting thickness determined by plasma machine

                    Plasma cutting thickness determined by plasma machine

                    Plasma cutting thickness determined by plasma machine

                    Plasma cutting speed


                    Complete running speed


                    Driving form

                    Bilateral symmetry

                    Bilateral symmetry

                    Bilateral symmetry

                    Bilateral symmetry