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                    Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Excellence Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
                    • ZYNC- XLM Light-duty(Floor Type)Gantry Flame/Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

                    ZYNC- XLM Light-duty(Floor Type)Gantry Flame/Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

                    Detailed instructions:

                    Video display

                    Detail image

                    The drive gear and rack gear achieve seamless elasticity transmission

                    Product description

                    ZYNC - XLM light gantry CNC flame/plasma cutting machine, the beam high strength pipe butt welding structure and stress relief treatment, the beam is made of high strength steel plate welding structure and stress relief treatment, guide rail, the installation of rack and other accessories all datum after ensure mechanical precision nc machine tool processing, configuration first-line brand host system, motor, drive and speed reducer, linear slide rail, drive gear and rack no clearance elastic meshing transmission, at the same time equipped with flame and plasma cutting torch, to adapt to the different material and different thickness plate automatic cutting, cutting platform can be configured below the water storage tank, Reduce smoke pollution during cutting. The machine is designed with light weight, high speed and precision, small inertia, stable operation, easy operation and quick installation, especially suitable for high-speed automatic unloading cutting of various thickness plates of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals

                    Product advantages

                    ?X axis and Y axis are all imported original high-precision deceleration mechanism (no synchronous belt drive)

                    ?Drive gear and rack to achieve seamless elastic meshing transmission, drive gear and rack are precision 5 precision

                    ?Longitudinal track adopts precise t-type elevator track

                    ?The standard model of the drive system is 86 type stepper motor drive, which can be selected according to customer requirements -- panasonic servo motor imported from Japan/domestic servo motor

                    ?Drive mode - bilateral drive

                    ?Equipped with both flame and plasma cutting torch, suitable for automatic cutting of plates with different properties and different thickness.

                    ?According to customer requirements to choose and match domestic or imported plasma power of different power

                    ?CNC control system choose Shanghai jiaotong university CNC system, Beijing stafeng CNC system

                    ?The water storage tank can be arranged under the cutting platform to reduce the dust pollution during cutting

                    ?Responsible for installation and commissioning training, free on-site service within the warranty period, lifelong maintenance services and spare parts supply

                    Technical Parameters

                    The machine model



                    Guide spacing



                    Effective cutting width



                    Guide rail length

                    7000mm(can be lengthened or shortened according to user requirements)

                    Effective cut length

                    6000mm(can be lengthened or shortened according to user requirements)

                    Cutting way

                    Flame cutting/plasma cutting/flame cutting + plasma cutting (note: plasma cutting shall be equipped with plasma power supply)

                    The motor type

                    Standard equipment: bilateral 86 series stepping motor + precision reducer

                    (optional servo motor + precision reducer according to user requirements)

                    Driving type

                    Rack and pinion drive

                    Set the cutting torch to high type

                    Electric flame cutting/plasma cutting arc pressure tracking automatically raised

                    Cutting torch lifting stroke


                    Maximum velocity of motion


                    Cutting speed


                    Running accuracy


                    Flame cut thickness

                    Plasma cutting thickness


                    According to the equipped plasma power cutting capacity decision

                    Cutting gas

                    Flame cut gas: oxygen + gas (acetylene, propane/natural gas)

                    Plasma cutting gas: according to the plasma power supply requirements

                    Main engine input power

                    AC200V  50Hz

                    The input power


                    Matching cutting software

                    Star CAM    /Fast CAM

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