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                    Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Excellence Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!
                    • CG1-30 Gas Cutting Machine (Improved-Model)

                    CG1-30 Gas Cutting Machine (Improved-Model)

                    Detailed instructions:

                    Video display

                    Product advantages

                    ?This machine has a compact and delicate design with stable performance. It can conduct either straight line cutting or circular cutting with diameter greater than 180mm. It also provides Inclined plane and V-plane section cuttings. With a high-speed main-control valve, it can reduce gas adjustment-time before cutting.

                    ?Cutting section roughness:未標題-1,no dross on the cutting backside 

                    ?Steel cutting thickness: 5-120mm (bigger-model cutting tip can increase the cutting thickness)

                    ?Cutting speed: 50-750mm/min.